The Social Impact Scholars is looking to consult with small businesses that positively impact their communities. SIS companies are typically for-profit enterprises that address at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in their mission statement (or would like to).

Eligibility Requirements

We are looking to consult with SMEs who:

  • Want to work with young, motivated college first-years
  • Will formulate a high level problem statement empowering Scholars to develop creative problem solving strategies on their own
  • “Step back” so that the Scholars take the lead on scoping and managing the project [note: SIS and external mentors will provide guidance and support]
  • “Step in” to give feedback during check-in sessions and the final presentation
  • Seek feedback from this soon-to-be entering pool of workers on your management style (your expectations and their interests may not be aligned)

Essentially, we become a “corporate laboratory” where you get access to aggregated student perspectives about your management style in real time (i.e. in a way your direct hires / entry level workers may not feel comfortable sharing with you, their boss). We believe insight on this newest generation to enter the workforce will be invaluable to you.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to positively impact your bottom line and your purpose-driven mission.

Student Engagements Workflow

The student consultants work virtually off-site in “pods.” On average, these students meet 1-2 times a week and will check in with you 3-4 times a month (or perhaps more often, if needed). Typically, the meetings, check-ins, and interviews are conducted virtually or on the phone.

Of course, you are welcome to interact with the students (including in person) as much as you’d like!

The students are managed and mentored by a number of individuals, including a Team Lead (who has received Management Skills training), mentors in the business world (typically NYU alumni), and Brian Hanssen, Executive Director of the Social Impact Scholars and Clinical Professor of Business at New York University.

Time Commitment

This is a summer program. Students are in training from May 15th to the beginning of June. After that, the engagement will last approximately two months (June – July). All projects are expected to finish up by early August and final presentations must be delivered before the end of the summer.

Remember, our students do not work on-site with you. The best projects have clear deadlines and benchmarks throughout the engagement with scheduled check-ins to ensure proper completion.

The Final Deliverable

Our final presentation to you will vary, but typically it includes a detailed document outlining our process, methodology, research, and results as well as a PowerPoint presentation discussing high level takeaways

Current Consulting Projects

Here are just a few projects we will work on in 2019. Full list coming soon!

  • Researching for a company using blockchain technology to create a community of funders in emerging economies
  • Strategizing with an impact investing firm to grow its investor base
  • Understanding new product opportunities for an aquaponics lab

Why is this free for my business?

First and foremost, our student engagements are meant to be learning experiences for students interested in understanding more about how for-profit business can positively impact society. Students gain valuable experience and get to put their learning into practice by working with you! Of course, we are dedicated to putting out a professional, useful work product that ultimately allows you to make greater societal impact. We stay lean and rely on amazing donors to defray costs.

How can I ensure my intellectual property is protected?

You control the flow of information in ways that are right for your firm as well as the project, eliminating many privacy issues. All involved parties, including mentors, always sign a non-disclosure agreement.

If I am happy with the engagement, can I make a donation?

Yes! Your donation is always appreciated.

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