The Social Impact Scholars can’t function without the tremendous help and support of its mentors. Typically, mentors are either recent graduates interested in giving back to the next generation of college students or more established professionals looking to lend their expertise to a good cause.

We are looking for your gut-reactions, advice, experience–essentially anything you can share. This is your opportunity to give back, help your younger peers navigate this competitive path, share / learn insights, and meet some incredible people!

Required Skills and Background

Typically, mentors are professionals from a variety of business backgrounds. Management consultants and individuals with small business experience are especially welcome, but our students benefit from anyone willing to provide their unique perspectives.

Time Commitment

We are looking for mentors who can commit to 2-3 hours per month during the months of June, July, and August. Virtual meetings are easiest and preferred, so you need not be in the New York City area to mentor. We are happy to schedule nights and weekend meetings

How “Mentoring” Works

The student pods will be executing a project in a relatively short period of time (2 months). Typically, you will be a “gut / reality check” for the students before they present a project update, deliverable, or final presentation to the client. Students often use mentors as a “practice round” before discussing directly with the client.

You may also provide advice about the particular strategy or direction the student team is going. Any and all advice you have for us is valuable and appreciated.

Become a Mentor