As a Social Impact Scholar, you will work with a mission-based small business while learning more about the consulting process, impact-focused strategies, and much more. Each project is unique, but the basics of each project include:

  • Discovery
  • Data Gathering
  • Analysis
  • Feedback / Intervention

You will not typically be working at the client site. Each week, you and your teammates will meet at a minimum two times a week virtually to discuss progress. Further meetings may be needed and will be determined by your Team Lead.

Otherwise, you will be working on aspects of the project on your own (or in smaller groups) during times that work for you.

Client Check-Ins

You will also have client check-in’s (by phone or video) 2-3 times a month to update them on progress. Before each of these check-in’s, you will also have a virtual meeting with a Social Impact Scholars mentor. He or she (typically a Stern alum now in the working world) will provide in-time guidance to ensure your client meetings go smoothly.

Final Deliverables

You and your team will produce a number of deliverables (Word documents Powerpoints), but all of them will reflect the research and analysis you completed throughout the summer. Take a look below at some sample projects to get a better feeling for the types of work we do.

Past Projects

  • We helped a logistics company better market its services through social media so it could empower more local artists and small businesses to thrive.
  • We investigated the supply chain for a sustainable clothing company, providing insights on potential human rights / ethical violations that could compromise its code of conduct.
  • We conducted research for a revolutionary medical device startup, assisting the founder in determining the best market entry strategy.
  • We worked with four education support companies on strategizing how they could increase their services in lower income communities.
  • We researched emerging blockchain projects for a international development think tank 
  • We investigated new opportunities for a company that empowers women entrepreneurs
  • We strategized with an impact investing firm to grow its investor base
  • We searched for new product opportunities for an aquaponics lab
  • We collaborated with a social impact design consulting company to increase their reach
  • We worked with a clothing company focused on reducing waste and over reliance on plastics