Okay, now you are ready to get into the consulting mindset.  What you just read and learned about was a framework (a basic structure underlying a system, concept, or text).  This framework (the “Outside In” model and the “Inside Out” model) is designed for companies to figure out the “sweet spot:”  where might the company focus in order to maximize its impact on society while maximizing its competitive advantage strategically?

First, listen to the case and think about where the company (a client from 2017) could potentially maximize its impact on society while also maximizing its bottom line. Take notes!  (Note:  You can ignore the instruction to record the response and send it to Brian–this time around you will simply discuss with your teams).

Listen to me first and take notes!

Now that you have heard the case, where do you think the company should focus to maximize its impact on society and on its bottom line?  Use this sheet to guide your answer.

What are you practicing right now?  As a consultant, you are always being judged on how well you share / explain your logic and use a framework. When you come to your team meetings this week, your team lead will ask you to explain your logic and use visuals (i.e. the sheet above) as you give your response. I recommend you practice articulating the case outloud to yourself.

Answers will be provided in the team meeting. If you have ANY questions, please reach out to your team lead.