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What is Social Impact Scholars Consulting?

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Summer Consulting Opportunity

Our scholars are interested in understanding the true nature of delivering a consulting project for impact-driven businesses.

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College Students

First-year College Students

Our Scholars typically have only developed their business acumen within the classroom and often do not feel like they have a “place at the table” in the real world. In some cases, our students aren’t even sure what that “table” looks (or should look) like!

Problem Solving

We provide our Scholars with problem solving skills, insight into what social purpose can look like from a business perspective, and an innovative mindset in a real-world, experiential way.

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Gain the Experience to Get the Job!

Now more than ever, students are pushed into career paths without having the time to gain the necessary experience to truly understand the industries they think they want to pursue. We expose our Scholars to career paths in a safe environment where support and learning are embraced.

Work with Social Entrepreneurs

Mission-driven businesses are changing the world—but they often lack resources, time, or bandwidth to explore the strategic issues that hinder their impact. Social Impact Scholars trains, mentors, and manages the students so that the client-Scholar interaction is time-efficient, effective, and impactful.

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SIS Consulting Approach

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Diverse Teams of 4-5 Scholars

Scholars are grouped with 3-4 other students, a Team Lead, and an MBA mentor.

Problem Solving Training

Scholars are grounded in consulting principles and project management before the engagement begins.

Just-in-Time Support

Scholars make their own decisions and have agency over project outcomes. Mentors ask more questions than they answer!

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Social Impact Scholars prioritizes the UN's Social Development Goals, and supports local businesses that incorporate these goals into their mission and purpose.

Here are a few of the clients we have worked with in the past and the UN SDG that they pursue!

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Charity Miles is a mobile app that turns the miles that you walk, run, and bike into money through corporate sponsorships and donations. The charities they donate to vary amongst different issues, and overall the company pursues the 3rd UN Sustainable Development Goal - Good Health and Well Being.

Charity Miles

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