We want our students to have a resourceful and encouraging environment to explore how local businesses operate, how for-profit business models can benefit communities, and how they can contribute and create projects that will ultimately benefit and push these impact-driven companies. SIS trains and guides the students so they can become knowledgable consultants. Additionally, they host informational events such as slide design and practice case-interview so students can get a glimpse into the industry.

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Why should you join SIS?

This program will help you gain an experiential understanding of consulting outside of the classroom, as it will allow you to engage with mission-driven companies and gain firsthand client experience. It’s a skill building internship, and will help you discover your interests in business. The program includes external events with mentors who will talk about their experiences and give tips and advice so you can make the most of your time. Each week there will be one virtual team check in that will last approximately one hour. Furthermore, your team will manage check-ins/briefings with your client (typically on a weekly or a biweekly basis). Overall, this is a great opportunity to understanding consulting and acquire both experience and skills for your future.


Your Summer

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We're looking for students who are​

Willing to take initiative, are motivated, and have an interest in social impact consulting.

Able to commit 5-10+ hours per week to train, work with their team, and converse with their client.

Hardworking and curious, and eager to learn hard and soft skills ​(no previous experience is required!)

Able to make all virtual team meetings, fulfill all responsibilities and meet deadlines.

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Application: Open March 2022

We're not accepting any more applications right now, but make sure to check back in the spring for it to open!